David Shutiak, president of Packaging Machinery Concepts Ltd.

Packaging Machinery Concepts Limited (PMC.Ltd) was incorporated in 1999 by two partners who together represent over forty years of packaging and automation experience. At the time of inception, high quality equipment manufacturers came on board like Loveshaw, APM and S & R Industries. In 2004, the company was granted distribution rights to Wulftec through the Canadian master distributor, Can Am Packaging Systems. Effective January 1, 2006 through a distribution re-alignment, our distribution agreement was shifted directly with Wulftec. In the next two years, distribution agreements were signed with Nita Labeling and Zanasi.

Tridyne and Accutek product line agreements followed shortly thereafter. Our facility consists of approximately 6000 square feet  of shop and office area.

Our shop equipment ranges from MIG and TIG welders, engine lathes and Bridgeport  style milling machines along with the support equipment such as a horizontal bandsaw,  cold cut saw and various sanders and grinders.
Our personnel are central to our business:

  • all have technical training and certification
  • minimum of ten years experience
  • continuous and ongoing training