Set-up of CAC60 tape cartridge
Set-up of CAC60 tape cartridge

Catalogue packaging equipment solutions – distributors of more than eight north American equipment manufacturers
Conceive, refine, design and build custom equipment – we design with SolidWorks 2018
Packaging line audit and observation – our solutions involve actual site specific CAD layouts showing equipment positioned precisely relative to existing line data and facility constraints.
Ministry of Labour ‘PSR’ assistance, consulting and implementation
Custom designs, catalogue equipment, parts, service and maintenance.
Refurbish, repair and modify old equipment.

Our approach to implementing a packaging line solution is:

1) Determine the project goal and develop a clear understanding of constraints which may be fiscal, facility, product or personnel related, safety, ergonnomic or speed.
2) Observe the line in motion, measure and measure some more, question operators, maintenance personnel, and other stakeholders that must work with the equipment daily – their insight is invaluable.
3) Develop a proposed solution that will probably include an actual CAD plant layout of the pertinent area and provide a fully detailed proposal.
4) Confirm that proposed solution meets all constraints and satisfies the project goal(s). If not, revise as necessary. The greater the number of constraints and goals, the greater the chance that the solution becomes evolutionary.This process leads to a better final result.
5) Execute.
6) Install system and train staff.

Custom designed, servo actuated, tamp-on Nita AE612MKII labeller
Custom designed, servo actuated, tamp-on Nita AE612MKII labeller